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BEERSHUFFLE! - ROLL OUT and more Portable Version

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BEERSHUFFLE! - This game is made with a heavy duty vinyl.  This version of BEERSHUFFLE! is so portable it can be thrown into a backpack or tote to join the party. Game vinyl will roll out flat for instant play anytime. Water resistant which means they can handle a spill!  This game includes the board, 3 rollers,2 dice and a copy of the rules via a QR code on the game storage tube. Everything you need to play!

GIANT DRAFT BREW - Showing up to your next gathering with THIS brew will definitely get the party started! Graphic is of a tall, cold glass of your favorite draft brew. 

TIKI - TEDDY, THE 2-FISTED PARTIER - Teddy is always fun at parties and brings with him a cool island vibe. Teddy was drawn by artist Dano and has a realistic bamboo hut background making this game a piece of art. 

AMERICAN FLAG - Show your patriotic spirit with our Red, White, and Blue game. 



Fastest-selling Party Game - Beershuffle!

  • BEERSHUFFLE! - The Drinking Game
  • Design is printed on heavy duty vinyl
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Dimensions: 52" Long x 11" wide

Items Included:

  • Game Rules
  • 3 Rollers
  • 2 Dice


**** Beverages and glasses not included. ****