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  • Each player gets three rolls of the puck. 
  • In order for a roll to count in a certain space, the puck must pass completely over the line into that space. For example, in order for a roll to count in the “Take 1” space, it must completely pass over the line before it.

Game-board Spaces:

  • Take 1: Active player takes 1 drink.
  • Make a rule: Active player will add a rule to the game.
  • Examples: No player is allowed to say drink, drank, or drunk or that player

must take a drink.

  • Give 1: Active player selects another player to take 1 drink.
  • Chug Roll: At the beginning of the game, it must be decided to use 1 or 2

dice for this space. When you land on “Chug Roll” the dice must be rolled

and what you roll is the number of seconds you will chug your beer.

  • Truth or Dare: Roll 2 dice.
  • If the result is 6 or lower the active player selects “Truth or Dare” , the

other players determine what that will be.

  • If the result of the roll is 7 or higher, the active player can give the “Truth

or Dare” to whoever he or she chooses.

  • Give 2: Active player chooses another player to take 2 drinks. They can also

choose to split and give 1 drink to 2 players.

  • Group Shot: Everyone partakes in a shot of their favorite drink.

If in three rolls of the puck a player fails to score anything, it is an automatic “Chug Roll”.  But this can change, the house may choose a different penalty.


                                                     PUCK BOWL 

* Each Player’s turn gets 4 “downs” or rolls of the puck. 

* Each player tries to score a “touchdown” by rolling a puck into the touchdown space. 

* A player can also score a “touchdown” by rolling their pucks into the spaces marked numerically and collectively scoring 100 or more “yards”. 

* If a puck rules short of the field of play or rolls off of the board completely, it is a “loss of down”. 

* If a puck rolls into the “loss of down” space, you score nothing and move onto the next roll. 

* When a player scores a “touchdown” or 100 yards, the player can have 1 roll to score an extra point at the goal post on the other end of the board. 

* If a player rolls 3 pucks and is not confident they can score a “touchdown” or the 100 yards, they can roll their last puck for a “field goal”



                                        THE ENFORCER CUP

  • 2 to 4 Players 
  • Each side gets 3 pucks and 1 die

Gameboard Spaces:

  • The Box: Land in this space and that puck goes into the penalty box where it will stay throughout gameplay until you roll a 2 or 5 at the beginning of your next turn. 
  • Penalty Shot: Opposing side gets one free roll at your goal
  • Face Off: Each side will take turns rolling their pucks at the point of center ice. The opposing side going first. Whoever gets closest to center ice gets 1 point. Fight
  • Fight: Each side will roll their die. The higher roll gets 1 point. 
  • Goal: To score a goal the puck must land in the goal without touching the red line around the goal. 1 point.